Today's manufacturing and distribution industry faces numerous challenges that impact strategic initiatives: global competition, regional expansion, mergers and acquisitions, complex supply chains, and new business models to name just a few.

To excel in this environment, manufacturers must find innovative ways to improve operations and capture opportunities. For example, manufacturing and distribution companies must strike a balance among several important functions to compete successfully. As the lines between supplier, manufacturer and customer blur, companies must form partnerships to continually improve the manufacturing process. At the same time, they need to accelerate product innovation. And, manufacturers need to leverage resources while making sure the right capability gets to where it's needed on time.With globalization shrinking the world from both a supply and demand perspective, manufacturing companies are looking for new ways to make and sell their products while extracting maximum value from IT investments.

V KOMPANY's IT Solutions understands the time, cost and quality pressures manufacturers and distributors face. We've worked across manufacturing sectors. We helps manufacturing companies leverage emerging technologies such as mobile communications, virtualization and cloud computing to overcome competitive challenges, reach organizational goals and capitalize on opportunities. We ensure your IT systems are aligned with your business strategy.

V KOMPANY provides the following services to its Manufacturing clients:

  • Consulting : Gain years of expertise in a single meeting by discussing your plans and needs with our IT Professional Services Team. A Managed Services provider like us can give you perspectives no individual network, hardware, storage or software vendor will tell you. We are technology and vendor agnostic and look to provide you the best possible cost-effective solution for your particular manufacturing environment.
  • Cloud Hosting : We design and maintain the best solution for you, physical, virtual or a combination located at your sites, your vendors or our sites. Our rapidly scalable solution configured with backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities typically lowers manufacturing data storage/BDR costs by 18%-29%.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery : Let us evaluate your networking and storage alternatives and deliver you a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. We will not only consider backup solutions (relatively easy) but timely recovery solutions (much more difficult). We understand the mobile and multi-location environments of manufacturing organizations.
  • Applications Management : V KOMPANY's Managed Services manages many applications that are critical to daily operations within the manufacturing industry. Our infrastructure can support a customized environment that won't disrupt any of your operational systems while developing and testing.
  • 24x7 Help Desk, Service Desk : This is where it all comes together. Our U.S. based Help Desk is staffed by a team of IT Professionals that have attained some of the highest first level resolution (FLR) rates in the industry. Focus your IT team on your critical business objectives and not "basic" "Help Desk" activities.

V KOMPANY offers enterprise-wide manufacturing solutions with long-term value that:

  • Leverage technology to bring greater innovation to product designs, control of processes and improve integration with networks
  • Increase plant efficiencies
  • Better coordinate supply chains, from concept to production and procurement to logistics and after-sales support
  • Optimize resources and asset utilization
  • Effectively manage the demands of global trade and environmental compliance
  • Refine production and engineering management systems