In the paper/information-intensive legal world, leveraging technology to improve workflow and information access is paramount. Our technology portfolio is designed to improve communications with the courts, enhance collaborative efforts with clients and opposing counsel, and create more effective ways of distributing and accessing information - ultimately providing the freedom to increase billable hours. Count on Datamax to maximize the technology that matters!

Downtime from a crashed network can shatter productivity, costing your firm time and money. A loss of data due to a virus, natural disaster or theft can be even more detrimental. We troubleshoots routine network issues, develops processes to disaster-proof your business and helps you plan for technology upgrades, while you focus on the strengths and expertise of your firm.

Services We Offer:

With V KOMPANY Care, you get V KOMPANY's IT support tailored to your specific needs, when you need it, either as your sole resource for IT managed services or complementary support for your in-house IT staff:

  • Data backup and enterprise-wide disaster recovery
  • Protection from security breaches
  • Managed services and support help desks
  • Cloud computing
  • simplify and automate e-discovery (EDD), e-filing, and traditional document workflows,

Our IT services help our Legal customers:

  • Workflow Management : Optimize productivity and reduce labor costs with customized and integrated workflows that combine multiple tasks into single processes. For maximum efficiency, legal documents can be routed automatically to any destination based on pre-defined rules.
  • Document/Client Security : Protect sensitive client information with strict adherence to the Sarbanes- Oaxley Act (SOX) and other compliance standards. Our devices set the standard for providing protection services to ensure client data is optimally secured.
  • Electronic Image Management : Increase productivity by automatically converting scanned images to editable documents, in multiple file formats, directly from an MFP device.
  • Automated Legal Tasks : Automate and access Bates stamping, redacting, and highlighting directly from an MFP control panel.
  • Cost Reduction and Management : Implement client charge-back and cost recovery solutions that are fully integrated to an MFP device.