The pressure on the banking, financial and insurance industries to deliver the highest in accessibility and service intensifies every day as today's consumers expect ultimate convenience and security. Most companies in the financial services industry are faced with an array of file transfer challenges, including internal and external security threats, stringent compliance and SLA requirements, high-volume transactions, various business objectives, and the rise of insecure file sharing practices on employee-owned mobile devices. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions, should never settle for mediocre products or disparate solutions strewn together by complicated scripts.

Downtime from a crashed network can shatter productivity, costing your firm time and money. A loss of data due to a virus, natural disaster or theft can be devastating to your company and its reputation. We troubleshoots routine network issues, develops processes to disaster-proof your business and helps you plan for technology upgrades, while you focus on the strengths and expertise of your company. Amid tighter regulations, increased risks and ruthless competition, it's time to transform your IT strategy by adapting to the evolving demands of your clients and customers.

Our operational approach and commitment to quality provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with time-tested project management techniques, customized engagement models and a proven track record of exceptional service and tangible business results.

V KOMPANY can help you:

  • free up time and increase productivity through easy-to-use enhanced document and imaging workflow solutions,
  • eliminate the costs of faxing and mailing applications, banking order tickets and transaction forms,
  • access client and financial transaction records immediately, to help branch representatives and home office staff work together more effectively to deliver better, faster client service,
  • integrate document and content management with CRM systems and other business-critical applications, and
  • ensure compliance with fast-changing regulatory demands, enhance security to safeguard financial records and protect client confidentiality.

Why choose us?:

  • proven track record of supporting financial services companies and their external consultants with pre-deal due diligence on potential target infrastructure and post-deal integration programmes
  • maturity of service offering for midsized organisation's at a price they can afford
  • highly experienced at working within FCA/PRA guidelines
  • ability to undertake a rigorous tender process
  • access to a multi-scalable, multi-disciplined resource pool operating 24/7/365
  • vendor independence - can move freely across the technology landscape to find the best solution
  • cloud authority - hybrid, public and private cloud models