Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms frequently express to us the following challenges: How can technology help us improve the collaborative design process, accelerate project completion and free up time to pursue more project engagements. V KOMPANY's technology portfolio addresses such challenges by lowering costs, automating processes, and improving communication between designers, engineers, principals, and clients. With so many technical aspects to any engineering and construction business, it's important to have quality IT solutions that support you seamlessly from start to finish of every project.

Count on us to maximize the technology that matters!

Priorities in the Engineering industry::

  • Efficiencies : When you bill hours, time is money. By using technology more wisely, engineers can be much more productive and, therefore, much more profitable. Well implemented software, the right customizations, efficient practices, and proper training are all available ways to gain efficiency, save time, and become more profitable.
  • Systems Planning : Planning is important for all aspects of IT, but is particularly important for engineering firms that rely so strongly on high powered hardware. Upgrades to AutoCAD, Revit, and other design software should be considered, planned for, and implemented, to help the firm move forward and manage their systems most effectively.
  • Stability : Downtime is brutally expensive, and the system must be cost-effectively engineered to prevent downtime. For firms with multiple servers, virtualization is just one example of a powerful tool to dramatically increase system stability. For all firms, choosing the right hardware, engineering the network properly, and supporting it effectively are all critical to maintaining high levels of stability.
  • Business Promotion : In a competitive market, business promotional strategies are especially important. Your firm's website should provide helpful information to clients, secure access to client resources, and it should be one of your most powerful business development tools. A well-crafted website, combined with the right SEO will not only ensure the firm is professionally represented on the web, but should also provide an excellent ROI.
  • Support : A technology infrastructure is only as good as the team supporting it. A full range of IT services is required to truly leverage technology, including consulting, planning, engineering, managing, and supporting 24/7.

V KOMPANY can help you:

  • enhance collaboration and speed up project completion through easy-to-use document and imaging workflow solutions,
  • improve functionality, communication and uptime at job-site locations with appropriate technology, on-site service and redundancy measures in place,
  • communicate and collaborate more quickly and effectively through instant access to proposals, blueprints, punch lists, materials requests, risk assessments and ISO specification documents,
  • automate review and approval processes for plans, specifications, proposals, engineering drawings and other document types, and
  • manage vendor invoice and project change order processing more efficiently to take advantage of early payment discounts.