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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a IT Solutions & Services business, V KOMPANY believes in a sustainable approach. Our strategy delivers solutions which are sustainable in terms of their financial, community, human and environmental impact. Financially, the business is managed in a long-term, cost-effective and ethical manner, benefiting staff, partners, customers, the local economy and shareholders. Our company maintains a healthy business model and revenues are reinvested for increased customer value and further growth potential. In our worldwide IT development centres, we cultivate strong partnerships with our customers and the local community, contribute to local charitable activities and encourage employees to take part in charitable and community-based events. Our employees reflect the local demography where they are based and our equal opportunities policy.Our people are actively encouraged to train to boost their career prospects.

CSR Objectives

IT Services & solutions provided by the company directly/indirectly support the activities of society and individuals over a long period of time.Through its implementation of CSR, the company aims to ensure that the IT industry as a whole and V KOMPANY in particular, supported by the trust of society and clients, will achieve stable development in a manner conducive to sustainable progress for all of society.

CSR Fundamentals

  • Devote ourselves to providing products and services that would enhance quality of life and help the development of businesses and industries.
  • Marketing products of technical and stylistic quality to maximize the wellbeing and satisfaction of clients whilst respecting the environment.
  • Building relationships based on fairness, equity, integrity, loyalty and professionalism.
  • Social responsibility is the main principle on which V KOMPANY bases its pursuit of sustainable business development. V KOMPANY is deeply committed to acting responsibly toward the community, the environment and individuals. We believe this is the only way, over and above the short-term results of our actions, to build a future for everybody.

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Five Fundamental Approaches

With regards to our support packages, we offer following IT Support Services to suit every solution and budget which are as follows:

Ensuring compliance:

By achieving thoroughgoing commitment to compliance with domestic and international laws and through open and fair corporate activities, we aim to be a company that international society relies on. We continue to increase awareness of compliance, adopting a management approach that seeks to earn the trust and respect of all stakeholders.The Company runs a broad array of education programs including level-specific and workplace-specific training designed to enhance employee awareness of the importance of compliance.In case of learning of any suspected compliance violation in the company, employees are generally required to report it, to consult, and to take action using the chain of command between the superior and the subordinate. We have, however, established a compliance consultation service for quickly solving any problem that cannot be reported through the usual channels. We conduct a self-check on the status of compliance with the Standards for Employee Behavior and a survey on compliance awareness every year, covering all employees including those of company.

Placing the highest value on V Kompany's people:

We believe that autonomy, mastery & purpose encourage the best working environment at the same time as generating the greatest motivation. Autonomy is achieved through "Innovation Time", which offers every developer the possibility to work on his or her own project one day a week. To help achieve mastery, we encourage specialization-focused training to every employee. Company provide education which includes language courses and soft skills training. The management hierarchy is as flat as possible, which encourages open conversation across the company. Our city center offices are easily reachable and we favor small, comfortable offices to open-space workplaces.

Our Environmental Impact and Objectives:

We will endeavour to undertake Environmental Continuous Improvement Projects at each site/depot with the support of the Environmental Coordinator where practical and possible to help achieve their own Environmental aims and Objectives.In our Environmental Communication Activities we aim to share an awareness of the importance of environmental initiatives with stakeholders through educational activities both inside and outside the group, and activities that promote coexistence with local communities.Our aim is to ensure we recycle all of our waste batteries in the correct manner, that the storage and disposal of all batteries complies with all legislation and that the suppliers we use also comply with Legislation.Furthermore, Every year, we organises several events spread across its various facilities on World Environment Day. The Company carries out tree plantation activities at its project sites and manufacturing facilities. Kajima works to present customers with forward-looking project proposals, and pays close attention in its daily operations to minimize the burdens it places on the environment.

Communication with shareholders:

V KOMPANY conducts sound, transparent business management. We communicate with shareholders and investors and disclose information in a timely, appropriate manner.Meiji Holdings discloses information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the "Rules Concerning Timely Disclosure of Company Information of Issuers of Listed Securities" (Timely Disclosure Rules). We endeavor to provide information promptly, based on the principles of transparency, fairness, and consistency, to aid understanding of our activities. V KOMPANY, communicates with shareholders and other investors through its General Meeting of Shareholders, financial results briefings, and website.Further, we regularly hold facility tours, roundtable meetings, and exchanges of opinions with shareholders. In addition, our website provides investors with timely financial reports and documents from briefings.

Disability employment:

Regarding non-discrimination and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, V KOMPANY has reiterated its intention to employ, retain, develop and train people with disabilities. It is divided into three focus areas:

  • Encouraging all V KOMPANY employees who have a disability to declare it. In the case of either an initial declaration with a view to obtaining the status of a worker with a disability or an application to renew the status, the Group is able offer three days of paid leave for carrying out the necessary steps.
  • Adopting a dynamic approach to recruiting people with disabilities.
  • Responsible purchasing: taking a pro-active approach to using "work centers" 80% of whose workforce consists of people with disabilities for the Company's purchasing requirements.