The construction industry deals with the challenge of being dramatically affected by the economy - shrinking rapidly when the economy contracts, then expanding quickly during a boom season. In addition, dealing with many different employees, contractors, and vendors (all with varying degrees of IT skills!) makes use of technology in the construction business an interesting one.

We work with companies in the construction industry as their IT partner, utilizing technology to solve issues, create efficiencies, keep costs down, and reduce friction when dealing with large projects. V KOMPANY IT Solutions understands construction projects involve more than managing materials and time. Day-to-day control and management of labor costs, project scope changes, material costs, field service work orders, and other operating activities require integrated information systems. Off-line spreadsheets, databases, or non-integrated products create inefficient and inaccurate information that could negatively impact decision-making, costing the company time and money.

Since we know many factors could impact delivering your project on time and on budget, V KOMPANY IT Solutions develops and fine-tunes integrated IT solutions that affect each aspect of construction--including bid proposals, resource and job phase management, project accounting, service management, inventory billing, financial management and project by project reporting. We integrate the tools and services your company needs for business performance, construction quality and cost management. And we make it easy for people to use.

Priorities in the Construction & Maintenance Industry:

  • Efficiencies : Time is money. By using technology more wisely, staff can be more productive. Just 10 minutes saved per day adds up to over 40 hours per year! If we can keep your team focused on their projects by providing them the info they need when they need it, where they need it, we can help keep costs down.
  • Training : Training does not have to be extensive to be effective. As technology pervades more and more of your organization, more of your team will need to be comfortable with the tools of technology. Some customized training can be highly effective.
  • Systems support : Maintaining, improving, and leveraging your software systems, financial software, and overall access to data is key. We have experience with many applications in the construction industry whether it's finance, CRM, CAD, or project management.
  • Stability : System stability is a must. Downtime is brutally expensive, and the system must be cost-effectively engineered to prevent downtime. For all companies, choosing the right hardware, engineering the network properly, and supporting it effectively are all critical to maintaining high levels of stability.
  • Support : A technology infrastructure is only as good as the team supporting it. A full range of IT services is required to truly leverage technology, including consulting, planning, engineering, managing, and supporting 24/7.