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Cloud Computing

What you should know about Cloud Computing services & solutions

Cloud computing is a generic, catch-all term that many people use to explain many different IT concepts, solutions and services that might or might not be actually be cloud computing. Because cloud computing is constantly evolving, the IT industry has had a difficult time creating a concrete definition for the concept. This article will focus on defining the basic nature of cloud computing.

Traditionally if your server was nearing full capacity or reaching its end of life, you would have faced the difficult choice of paying for a new piece of hardware or designing a brand new solution using your existing equipment. Not only could this put pressure on your finances but could, in some cases, take days or even weeks to implement.

With cloud computing you aren't forced to make a decision between service or capital outlay, instead you are given a cost-effective and swifter alternative. Our Cloud Computing solutions allows you to change server capacity at the click of a button through an online self-service portal. You can upscale or downscale your capacity as and when you need it, so you are never paying for more than you need.

As the name suggests, your data isn't stored on your site, but in cloud located within highly secure, data centres. However, the cloud is only as good as the network it sits on, and that is why we use our very own, highly resilient network.

We have our heads in the cloud (really smart heads, that is). When you get cloud computing with Cloud Solutions, it means your data is managed by a world-class company with an impeccable track record in the industry. Excellence in security; excellence in support, and excellence in flexibility. You can choose from these four Cloud Computing options or design to suit your vision.

Types of services & solutions

  • Public Cloud : An on-demand, self-service cloud designed to meet your requirements for reliability, security and agility.
  • Private Cloud : A dedicated high-quality and easy-to-manage server infrastructure through which you can operate your business with the highest confidentiality.
  • Hybrid Cloud : Combining the best features of public cloud technology with the customisability of private cloud platforms.
  • Managed email : Many vendors offer solutions that will work well at your physical business site and on you mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberries and other smartphones.
  • Email Archiving : With cloud computing, your business can store an unlimited amount of email, providing your business with a clear audit trail.
  • Secure Web Gateway : This cloud computing solution will babysit your network by limiting access to specific web pages and blocking access to others. This enhanced security will help protect your entire IT network from malware.
  • CRM : Vendors provide customizable customer management, sales, and marketing campaign tools for your business.
  • Finance/Accounting : The vendor will host the software application, process the data, integrate it with taxes and also take care of payroll, expenses and other business needs.

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Why V KOMPANY Cloud Services & Solutions

Secure data centres

Your data is stored in highly secure, resilient Tier III+ facilities

Our staff

Our data centres are managed around the clock by our fully trained engineering, network and management teams

Our network

We own the network between our data centres, so we can manage the connection right from the source all the way to your site

Know where your data is

With high security storage facilities in the UK, we can help support you in meeting your data security responsibilities

Affordable business-class solution

We only supply to businesses, so our cloud environment is built to enterprise standards with a fixed, affordable monthly fee

Best-of-breed partners

All elements of our solution have been handpicked through our relationships with some of the industry's best available hardware and software manufacturers