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Backup & Recovery

Protect Your Data and Prepare for Future Growth

Unfortunately in today's society, disasters occur that go beyond hardware failures. Do you have a comprehensive contingency and disaster recovery plan to keep your business responsive during a crisis? For decades, many companies have relied on tape backups or other internal systems for preserving information. Today, those methods are past their prime. They're expensive and unreliable. Failures are common. Security breaches are a threat. Unfortunately, businesses often don't realize the risks they run until the damage has been done.

Runaway data growth is a major concern for many IT organizations. And how that data is protected is extremely important. We have the expertise to design and implement a backup and recovery plan that is optimized for your organization. We take a consultative approach to understand your environment before implementing a solution. Innovations in backup technologies are driving changes in how backups are being managed, and we can help you evolve with technology and get the most out of your infrastructure.

At V Kompany, we offer many different backup and disaster recovery solutions. From internal encrypted cartridge backup systems that allow off site removal, thus saving you monthly recurring costs (HIPAA Compliant of course), to Internet based off-site Cloud data backup and complete disaster recovery systems, V Kompany has you covered.

For those Clients who simply must have continuous up time due to 24/7 operations such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking and other market segments, V Kompany offers Server Clustering, Replicated Cloud Server Services and Remote Server Mirroring to help insure your Organization keeps going 24/7,365 days a year.

For those Clients who need quick data and system recovery should a catastrophic event occur such as a flood, theft, fire or vandalism, V Kompany offers our Backup and Disaster Recovery system (BUDR) which allows us to image your server, programs and data, weekly, daily and even hourly and then simply restore that image to a new server to get you up and going with very little down time.

Cloud-Based Data Backup

We collect, compress, encrypt, and transfer your data to a highly secure, remote location, so your data is always protected and available for immediate recovery.

  • Multiple Daily Backups : Backups are performed multiple times per day using data deduplication, which compresses and stores only data that has changed since the previous backup. Because only the changes or deltas of your data are stored, bandwidth usage is minimized.
  • Flexible Versioning : Multiple past versions of files are stored to allow for rollback to or restoration from a specific point in time.
  • Enterprise-grade Datacenters : Our cloud services are powered by equipment co-located in large-scale, highly secure datacenters in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City.
  • High reliability : Datacenters are designed for 99.999% reliability (no more than 5 minutes average downtime per year), are SSAE 16 Type II Certified (replacement for SAS 70 Type II), and are HIPAA and PCI Compliant.

Data Recovery

V Kompany is tailored to minimize downtime in the event of server failure or a disaster.

  • Recovery options : Choose to restore the current version of your data or perform a point-in-time restore simply by selecting the date. Data can be restored to the original location or to an alternate location.
  • Quick & Easy Restoration : Our extensive data recovery tools protect your business critical data, applications, and operations against downtime and disruptions.
  • Recovery Expertise : As your software provider, V Kompany knows your application, server environment and architecture. Our recovery expertise means quick restoration so you can get your data when you need it.
  • Data Integrity : What good is your data if it becomes corrupted or damaged? Silent data corruption is a real threat to your data. Our data integrity protection systems are second-to-none. Our end-to-end 256-bit checksums automatically repair any detected corruption.
  • Peace of Mind : Never worry about losing critical data again your data can be restored quickly after minor emergencies, but that your data is also safely stored off-site after real disasters.

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Why V KOMPANY Backup & recovery services

Cost effective

Eliminate costs incurred to maintain in-house data storage hardware, including tapes, operational staff & floor space through online backups.

Zero Errors & Data Loss

Eliminate missed recordings and erroneous inputs through automated data back ups & eliminate loss of data caused by tape failures..

Assured Instant Recovery, Anytime!

Save on time and effort taken to recover data manually post disaster. The best form of 'data insurance'.

Single Point Storage

Eliminate the need for separate data back up process for different geographical locations by storing all your data at a single online source.

Push Button and Selective Restoration

Fast and easy data restoration at the press of a button with option to restore only part of your data..

World Class Back Up & Restoration Platform

Industry renowned state of the art technology. International standard governance for assured security and high performance.