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Application Development

Develop applications that work the way your enterprise works.

The demands on today's applications are changing. They must be securely integrated in real-time with disparate data sources. They need to exchange data with other systems on public cloud, private cloud, traditional systems and other third-party ecosystems in a world of hybrid technology. And they must be capable of running on touch devices of all shapes and sizes so that people can perform business tasks on-the-go. The way in which work gets done is changing how business applications are developed.

Combine V KOMPANY's extensive expertise in cloud platforms, APIs, technical artitecture, systems integration, data migration and deep industry knowledge gained from our experience developing software for a range of industries to implement purchased software. Our purchased software implementation service helps organizations of all sizes to derive operational effectiveness, differentiation, insights and intelligence from their data and software investments first time. This is as opposed to bungled implementations that can sap the vitality of your employees, escalate costs or derail critical business processes.

Extensive range of services

Our application development service includes but is not limited to the following services:

  • Software requirements definition
  • Software selection
  • Implementation planning
  • System architecture and network planning
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Systems integration and interface design
  • Custom report writing and applications development
  • Standard and custom training development and delivery
  • Pilot test and production deployment
  • Mentoring and super user support
  • Post-deployment reviews

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Is an intuitive range of custom software on your mind? You're at the right place, then!


From cloud storage to eCommerce and everything else in between. With the advancements of agile software development, incorporating a cloud storage system for your business is a speciality task that we would take pride in emphasizing on.


Tailor-made database solutions that are suited for varied operations of your business, you can never go wrong when entering, updating & deleting pieces of information. Herewith our database programming will help & guaranteed latest database technology is with you, with no hassle during use & maintenance.


ERP systems/applications are now advanced organisation information solutions that are easy to implement, even on a customized basis. It is a solo window application where data from every department is collaborated into one, thereby enabling smooth management without any repetitive entry processes.


While applications vary according to each business organization's needs, each requires meeting a few key objectives such as: Increasing company revenue, Reducing processing time, Reducing overheads. We'll develop a controlled web application for you in order to achieve all your goals, as mentioned above..


WMS assists to gather a host of data sources into one comprehensive mode of reference. While any typical business consists of several departments, our workflow systems flexibly assist in merging required fields of information as per specific criteria.


We undertakes the development of tailor-made MIS for business organizations across various industries. This includes multi-user and/or multi-currency software systems. With MIS, business owners are now able to make better decisions for improving the efficiency and output of their end results.