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Achieving Business Outcomes

Create advantage

Infrastructure as a differentiator for your business proposition

V KOMPANY takes the time to understand how you compete in your marketplace, what your customers demand and expect of you and how your competitors operate. We then look at how you make money and go to market, allowing us to commercially and technically align and customise the services we deliver to you to create maximum advantage for your business, your users and your customers.

This approach ensures that your goals and our goals are always the same - we offer considerable flexibility to support changes and developments in your business and industry over time.

Enhance customer experience

More than just high quality service to a contracted SLA

Once we understand how the technology platforms and services we deliver need to work for you and your customers, we can start to contribute to your overall customer experience.

V KOMPANY's systems and service credibility is proven, referenceable and well established, so we can afford to take time to shift service improvement initiatives to the front end where your users and customers experience your IT capability. For us, it's about "doing more" rather than the standard "do enough" service provider approach.

Innovate for growth

Making cloud work harder for your business

Now cloud is officially the norm, how can you make it do more for your business? And can your cloud service provider really help you innovate?

Thanks to the technology efficiencies and economies of scale offered by V KOMPANY's core platforms, your deployed resources are continuously tuned to maximise return and free up value resource headroom to accommodate new solutions, functionality and growth without incurring unnecessary additional cost.

By understanding the direction of your business, changes in technology demand and new projects, V KOMPANY can forward-profile system changes and manage your costs accordingly.

Scale seamlessly

Change rapidly and dynamically with your business demands

V KOMPANY's fundamental infrastructure design principle is the ability to scale rapidly and dynamically with business demands. But understanding your business roadmap, the changes in your marketplace and planned innovation is critical as each of these influences the nature and direction of scale.

V KOMPANY works with you to create a commercial and technical baseline on which to build the flexible, scalable solution your business demands. And where your business maintains a steady state in terms of system utilisation, we look at what further gains and advantages we can deliver back to you.

Strengthen security & compliance

Our primary objective from the data centre to the cloud

Security is the perennial hot topic and it is essential that your provider is able to demonstrate and reference the security of the IT systems that they have implemented. The security of your data and services is our primary objective, from the data centre facilities that we operate, the system and platform designs that we implement and the service management that we deliver.

Most quality providers tick all the right boxes for security on paper, but is it enough? What else needs to be done to really sure up your specific systems - and more importantly, meet the expectations of your customers? "Going secure" has historically been expensive and has given providers scope to overspec to address all interpretations of standards and regulations - not to mention the billable consultancy hours.